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With Eazifunds, you and your team will ship new products to market faster.  You won't have to bother with unnecessary complexity or ridiculous costs.  We are enabling you build an everlasting business which can survive the test of time.

Eazifunds is an innovative technology company that untangles payments for businesses and help them builds the next-generation of global companies.

Executive Management

 Busayo Okusi

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer  

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Virender Kumar

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

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Mohammad Surfraz

Head of Compliance & MLRO


Lanny Byers

Chief Revenue Officer , Vouchr

Our story

Eazifunds was launched in 2021 by a group of vibrant entrepreneurs who were obsessed about the possibility of a cheaper, better, and easier approach towards payments.


The existing payments technology consisted of systems built on outdated software principles and infrastructure. With our obsession about a better future for businesses and payments, we set out to build a platform capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of the various types and forms of businesses, giving them access to powerful tools that only empower their imagination and help them streamline revenue.


Eazifunds' mission is to make payments easier and readily accessible to all. With Eazifunds, businesses can integrate and process payments easier, faster, and cheaper for the long term.


Starting a company is hard enough, building and running a business is even tougher. Getting paid should be seamless. 

Eazifunds is headquartered in San Francisco and will soon be siting offices across the globe. 


Watch out for us!


Help us build the World’s easiest payment platform.


Eazifunds is giving your business the true freedom it requires for growth.