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Accept all
payments with Eazifunds

Process contactless payments

Monetize safely with Eazifunds hardware devices.


On the hardware

Versatile and reliable
readers that allows you to take contactless, chip, swipe and keyed transactions all through a Point of sale


On the Mobile App

Process payments from your mobile device with or without a device and use its detailed reporting to keep track of your customers’ purchases.


On the computer

Key in card information in your Eazifunds Dashboard on your computer without any other device.

Choose from a range of POS terminals

Get up and running in a few minutes with pre-certified POS terminals. Every terminal meets PCI compliance, and is fully encrypted.

Mobile (1).png


Designed to improve shopping experiences while drastically reducing queues. 

Frame 2.png


Extremely Durable, Easy to Use, Compact and reliable devices.

Frame 1.png


Quick print outs, great flexibility and other wonderful offerings from these devices



POS terminals that boosts customer engagement on every single usage


It costs nothing to get started. With Eazifunds you can accept all major digital wallets, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid card, stored value card or other access device bearing the service mark(s) of any Card Organization across the globe. 

The Eaziway

PCI-compliant and
Fully-certified POS devices for any size of business or unique use case.


Offer a wide range of payment methods to customers to ease commerce.

Simple API to initiate payments from web browsers, mobile devices, and cash register systems.


High durable equipments and systems designed for maximum speed and quality of service.


User friendly dashboards that show performance, terminal management, and easy reporting all in one dashboard.


Use payment data flexibly across  various channels for accurate customer insights.

Get a head start over your competitors.

Ready to take Eazifunds for a ride?

Create an account and start processing payments in seconds with Eazifunds.  We will be excited to speak to you if needed.


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