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Invoicing built to
help you streamline revenue.

Eazifunds allows all types of businesses to create invoices, customize how it looks, add your logo, enter a client and boom you’re good to go. Get paid faster with all kinds of payment options available.

Get the most out of your invoices with Eazifunds

Create an invoice easily

Customize how your invoices look easily and send to your customers .

Built for your scale

Eazifunds invoicing evolves with you, use the Eazifunds tools to drive businesses growth.

Use online payments

Get paid faster via cards, bank transfers, ACH debits and other payment methods.

Faster payouts

Show true authenticity to your customers using our intuitive invoices to show proof of authenticity.

Manage your invoicing process

Grow your business swiftly and manage your payment and invoicing process.
Invoices that enable you to streamline your sales and revenue process fast. While allowing you and your customers to have clear records of the purchase, and services offered. Eazifunds invoices sets you apart from the competition

Accurate invoicing

Eazifunds empowers all types of businesses to accept online payments the best way. It works with all business models, and keeps you compliant with tax and legal requirements. With us , you can be rest assured of your invoicing and billing process.

Intelligent invoicing

Use the Eazifunds smart invoicing process. Set images , billing periods, reminders, tax rates and whatever detail is required. We take all those details and perform the magic from there. Tracking and getting your invoices paid has never ben more seamless.

Fast and secure payments

Once you send an invoice all you have to do is sit back and let us do the magic. We allow your customers make secure payments in a number of seamless ways. You can track invoices that have been paid, and also send friendly reminders on overdue invoices to your customers.

Get a head start over your competitors.

Ready to take Eazifunds for a ride?

Create an account and start processing payments in seconds with Eazifunds.  We will be excited to speak to you if needed.


Pricing for all business models

Find out what it costs to use Eazifunds to process payments. 


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