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Easy payments built to optimize all online sales channels for your business.

Accept online payments across all channels whatever the type of business you may be building.  Eazifunds is able to help you get running in seconds, no one is too big or too small.  We exist because of you.

Ways to process payments

Integrate payments

API tools that allow you integrate payments into your site with low code.

Embed payments

With Eazifunds you can embed payments into your site without writing code.

Create payment links

Eazifunds allows you accept payments online without a website.

Generate QR codes

You can create payment QR codes, which are easy to use by customers.

Website buttons

Create website buttons to accept payments in your application.

Ideal invoicing

Create smart and encrypted invoices to accept one time or subscription payments.

Online payments made easier than ever.

 With Eazifunds you get access to major payment methods which give your customers the true experience they require. All tools come with features that enable payment security and compliance, which enable you to optimize revenue. We have built all of the tools, all you need to do is choose the right integrations for your business and customers. 

The Eaziway

Sign up

Create an Eazifunds account and add all your information to activate your live account.


Choose how you will like to integrate with Eazifunds and see how we can help streamline revenue.

Go Global

Once you decide on what type of integration, you are ready to go Global and be the best you can be.

Find out what you need


Integrate Eazifunds with your business and start accepting payments.


Find out what it costs to use Eazifunds payments and tools.


Check out all our partners supported by Eazifunds


It costs nothing to get started. With Eazifunds you can accept all major digital wallets, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid card, stored value card or other access device bearing the service mark(s) of any Card Organization across the globe. 

Get a head start over your competitors.

Ready to take Eazifunds for a ride?

Create an account and start processing payments in seconds with Eazifunds.  We will be excited to speak to you if needed.


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