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Accept subscription and recurring payments

Eazifunds makes it easy for all types of businesses to create and customize recurring and subscription payments for your products and services.

Recurring payments built for modern day businesses

Easy billing

Customize your subscriptions easily and send to your customers.

Built for your scale

Capture more revenue with the Eazifunds programatic billing.

Use online payments

Get paid faster via cards, bank transfers, ACH and other payment methods.

Faster payouts

Show true authenticity to your customers using our intuitive subscriptions.

Recurring payments built for you

Get a head start over your competitors.

Ready to take Eazifunds for a ride?

Create an account and start processing payments in seconds with Eazifunds.  We will be excited to speak to you if needed.


Pricing for all business models

Find out what it costs to use Eazifunds to process payments. 

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