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We empower platforms, marketplaces, SaaS and financial services companies in launching, enhancing and maintaining credit products for their users with embedded AI working capital and frictionless  capital stack technology

Eazifunds AI brings the funds (or you bring your funds), handles underwriting, supports any lending use-case, industry, customer type or business model

Some popular lending use-cases include: 

CAsh Advance.png

Merchant cash advance

Provide revenue-based loans

Delay payables

Adjust payment terms up to 90 days

Invoice factoring

Enable users to get paid instantly

Customer financing

Offer B2B BNPL and Installment

How Eazifunds AI works

The complete AI driven lending stack for any lending use-case, streamlined from start to finish


Integrate Eazifunds AI to your application

Create the user experience that fits your use case


User connects its
business tools and
applies for financing
on your platform

Provide users with the right financing on your platform at the right time


Platform passes
data to Eazifunds and an instant credit
decision is made

Eazifunds provides an instant credit decision and continues monitoring the businesses data with useful data analysis algorithms. Users are always in control of their financing


User reviews and
accepts offer, Loan is approved and disbursed

User receives the funding fast and can focus on business growth

Launch your credit product and scale revenue

Boost business revenues with risk-free cashflow tools. Integrate the API and
Eazifunds AI brings the funds, handles underwriting, regulatory requirement and bears all risks

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