next global businesses.

Easy payments built for all businesses. A one-stop-shop for everything about your finances to helping you grow your business. We are expanding this space with our low-code API and no-code payment methods.

The only payment platform for your brand.

Easy to use

 Take control of your finances and aid your growth with our products designed just for you. 

No code methods

Streamline your revenue through our unified payments that evolves with you and responds to all changes. 

Rapid launch

Integrate payments in seconds. Say goodbye to prolonged launch timing and unnecessary costs 

Why Eazifunds?


One great platform.

Limitless payment solutions.

 Get access to powerful tools that only empower your imagination. 


Launch products and services in seconds, not days

You and your team will no longer waste time on shipping new products to market. Now, you have the power to streamline your revenue at your fingertips. 

Build the business you always wanted.

Eazifunds grows and modifies with you and your team, so you can build an everlasting business which can survive the test of time. 


A technology approach to unified payments and finances.

Accept payments from any where in the World fast and easy. Streamlining your revenue just got easier. 


Accept payments across all sales channels


A place for all kinds of businesses to scale and grow.

Receive and manage all payments through the dashboard or API, have full visibilty on all transactions.


Building and running a business is already tough, getting paid should be seamless. If you are processing huge volumes, contact sales for custom pricing for your business. 

Create embedded billing pages

Find the right billing page that suits you and your team. Sell your products and services faster than ever with our eye catching, easy to use billing pages, all done through your Eazifunds dashboard without writing code. 


Get a head start over your competitors.

Take Eazifunds for a ride.

Eazifunds is free to use for you and your team.  Yes, it is really free.

Give your business the true freedom it requires.